Eligible Companies

SDAC seek to invest in one early-stage growth company each calendar year. Eligible companies apply here.

Angels will review the decks, all of your information on Gust, and your one-minute videos. Based on these, determinations will be made on quarterfinalists.

The 24 quaterfinalists are invited to give a 3-minute pitch in-person with the conference’s investors.

Twelve semifinalists are invited back to give 10-minute pitches in person with investors.

Our six finalists participate in complete due diligence and give their 10-minute pitch in person at the main event on March 28, 2020. Entrepreneurs must be present to pitch. The investors will make a final decision on the day of the conference and invest up to $200,000 in the winning startup.

Process for Entrepreneurs

The process for Entrepreneurs runs approximately six months beginning in September 2020, through the day of the SDAC March 20, 2021.

Four to six months before the SDAC, entrepreneurs interested in participating have access to resources and workshops to sharpen their investment potential. Workshops begin in the Fall 2020.

Two to four months before the SDAC, entrepreneurs apply for the Conference and finalize investment documents in Gust. Application fee is $149, nonrefundable.

Three months prior to the SDAC, interested investors begin reviewing the deals and narrowing the applicants.

One month prior to the SDAC, extensive due diligence is performed before the investment decision is made at the Conference.

Process for Investors

The process for Investors runs approximately three months beginning in January 2021, through the day of the SDAC March 20, 2021.

Investors receive training in Gust* and review the applications and supporting information provided in the applications.

Twelve weeks before the SDAC, investors receive access and training for Gust and begin reviewing the deals

Ten weeks before SDAC, investors review the 3-minute pitches of the top 24 companies and select the top 12.

Seven weeks before SDAC, investors review the 10-minute pitches of the top 12 companies and select the top 6.

Five weeks prior to the SDAC, investors begin the due diligence process for the top 6 and meet weekly to discuss.

One day before the SDAC, investors and finalists meet to answer any final questions

On the day of the SDAC, investors listen to the final pitches and then deliberate before making the investment. The winner of the SDAC is publicly presented a check at the closing of the event for the full investment amount.

After the SDAC, investors will receive periodic updates from the winning company and receive annual investment and tax information.

*Gust is an online platform for Start-ups and Investors. SDAC uses Gust to securely and privately collect your company information, business plan, and due diligence information.