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There’s no need to wait.  Confirm your participation now before before the deadline on Wednesday, December 18, 2020Any entrepreneur or company with a product and/or a startup can apply to the San Diego Angel Conference. The application process is straight forward and the following screening and due diligence processes are designed to be transparent, efficient, and constructive for both the entrepreneur and participating investors.

The application process is easy:

1. Submit your Application

 Complete the application that could change the future of your company before the 12/18 deadline to confirm your intent to participate. Start gathering information for your company profile once you submit the nonrefundable fee.


2. Prepare for Review

After you submit your fee and application to participate,  continue to upload your company’s information to our portal on This allows the angel investors to securely review information and determine finalists.


3. Participate in Selection

Investors review the applications and select deals to move to each round. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to provide detailed information and continue updating during the process. There are four rounds in the selection process.

4. Attend the Conference

Whether you advance to the finals or not, every applicant is encouraged to attend the SDAC to network with investors, connect with other entrepreneurs, and learn from the finalists.  A ticket to the event is included in your application fee for the conference.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to have everything done before the application deadline?

No! The December 18 deadline is when you need to confirm your participation through Eventbrite and pay the nonrefundable application fee before. We anticipate all of our participants to continue refining their profiles until the investors meet for the first time in mid-January.

I received a fee waiver. How do I use it?

Please visit our Eventbrite by clicking on “apply now” above. Once on that page, click on the “tickets” button and locate the hyperlink to “Enter Promo Code” in the top left corner. Waiver codes need to be applied before reaching the check-out process.

Is it too late to apply?

The deadline to apply was December 18, 2020. In order to accommodate late arrivals and in an effort to be as inclusive as possible, The Late Bird application was created for those that missed the original due date. Interested entreprenuers can submit a $249 non-refundable application fee via Eventbrite to confirm their participation in the conference. A Gust profile and intent to participate form via Eventbrite must be complete before January 8.

Who are ideal applicants for the conference?

The San Diego Angel Conference is seeking a diverse set of companies to be considered for funding. Applicants should fit with the following criteria:


  • Based in the US
  • Close enough to San Diego to engage with investors regularly
  • In any industry
  • At any stage
  • Seeking investment of $100k-$2M
  • Have the potential for a 10x return on investment in 5 years
    • large addressable market size
    • at least an MVP
    • a plan for the business to scale
    • a management team that can execute the plan
What happens after I apply?

The application deadline is only the start of preparing for materials for review by the angels. Following your submission, a consultant from The Brink SBDC will work directly with you to enhance your profile and application before the investors review it. The angels will then evaluate those materials starting in early January and advance applicants to the second round and beyond. You can learn more about this on the “Process” tab.

Why is there an application fee and what does it cover?

The application fee covers the processing cost of the application and a ticket to the final event. As part of their fee, applicants also receive personal consultation on their profile to help them prepare for the first round of review. This feedback is provided by Brink SBDC consultants. All applicants are also allowed but not required to attend the San Diego Angel Conference Entrepreneurs Track workshop series. Application fee is $149. The application fee is nonrefundable.

All applicants can expect:

  • Investors to review their application, deck, and video
  • A debrief if/when eliminated
  • 1 ticket to the final event ($250 value) on March 28, 2020 (finalists receive 2 tickets)
Is the application fee refundable?

The $149 application fee is non-refundable.

All applicants who upload their information to Gust will have their profiles shared with the angels. They will review them before their first selection round in January. All but 24 applicants will get cut of the selection in this first round. If you don’t make the first round, the $149 application fee includes a ticket to the San Diego Angel Conference on March 29, 2020. General admission is $250.

    What type of investment will be made and what are the terms?

    The type of investment is usually a convertible note or equity. In the other angel conferences that we are aware of, there is an even split between these two types of investments. The type of investment is negotiated between each of the finalists with the Fund Managers. 

    The terms are negotiated between each of the finalists with the Fund Manager in the days before the conference. The goal is to get to a set of terms that are fair and mutually beneficial to both the companies, and the investors.

    How much equity is the $200K investment for? Is it negotiable or already set?

    The terms are negotiated with the finalists in the last few weeks before the Conference. Historically about 1/2 of the deals are straight equity and about 1/2 have been convertible notes. We have every reason to expect that the terms will be fair and reasonable for both the entrepreneurs and investors.

    How could participating in an angel conference impact or influence my IP or the potential for future IP?

    It is always good to discuss these kinds of issues with appropriate legal counsel, which you should do for a more definitive answer. Generally, this question applies narrowly to companies that are basing their IP strategy on patents, and that have not filed a provision, yet.

    Disclosing a patentable idea, patent or any IP or potential IP is not a demand/requirement of any applicants participating in an angel conference or with angel investors in the early stages of an investment conversation. Startups should be somewhat cautious in what they present and we recommend you do not include anything that could be considered IP. Deeper discovery in the due diligence phase may require additional conversation about confidentiality or a non-disclosure agreement, which should be navigated using proper legal counsel or further consideration of a potential consequences. 

    Angels will review the decks, all of your information on Gust, and your one-minute videos. Based on these, determinations will be made on quarterfinalists.

    The 24 quaterfinalists are invited to give a 3-minute pitch in-person with the conference’s investors.

    Twelve semifinalists are invited back to give 10-minute pitches in person with investors.

    Our six finalists participate in complete due diligence and give their 10-minute pitch in person at the main event on March 28, 2020. Entrepreneurs must be present to pitch. The investors will make a final decision on the day of the conference and invest up to $200,000 in the winning startup.

    *Investment amount depends on the number of participating investors.

    **Gust is an online platform for startups and investors. SDAC uses Gust to securely and privately collect your company information, deck, and coordinate due diligence information. Entrepreneurs must upload deck and other information into Gust.