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San Diego Angel Conference II (SDAC II)

Coming March 28, 2020

San Diego Angel Conference 2019

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Training and Growth

The SDAC is the culmination of 10 events to help entrepreneurs become more investment-worthy, and 10 sessions for accredited angel investors with a learn-by-doing approach.


Working together with entrepreneurs seeking funding, Angels will learn how to source deals, conduct due diligence, and evaluate early stage companies.


The companies seeking capital will also gain feedback and learn to understand the viewpoint of angel investors.


The companies are narrowed down weekly until six remain. At the Conference, the finalists make their last pitch and investors select one to receive $200,000*.

*Investment amount depends on the number of participating investors



2019 San Diego Angel Conference Winner

Orianna Bretschger, Ph.D., Founder & CEO


Sanitation and water for all

Aquacycl provides technology for onsite wastewater treatment plants that operate at 50%-95% lower costs than incumbent technologies. Aquacycl offers the only technology for treating high strength wastewater at small volumes. Aquacycl’s modular and scalable treatment systems create immediate customer savings through competitive equipment rental, and the Aquacycl service plan guarantees discharge quality per customer requirements.

San Diego Angel Conference

The connections, coaching, and feedback provided by the Brink throughout the San Diego Angel Conference process was invaluable for helping Aquacycl close a $4M seed round. The SDAC group of investors and follow on funding special purpose vehicle catalyzed Aquacycl’s fundraising efforts with a $295,000 total investment. 

Orianna Bretschger

CEO, Aquacycl