Interested accredited investors are encouraged to get to know the San Diego Angel Conference

SAN DIEGO – February 3, 2021San Diego Angel Conference (SDAC), a three-year-old University of San Diego (USD) School of Business program that activates accredited angel investors and engages promising early-stage companies, has selected 30 Quarter Finalists to compete in this year’s Conference. In the weeks leading up to the main event, applying companies compete for increasingly limited opportunities for time and engagement with accredited angel investors. In the first round of selections, angel investors spent weeks reviewing materials before selecting the top 30 companies that advanced to the Quarter Finals. Each Quarter Finalist is invited to give a 3-minute pitch to as many as 70 investors who’ve taken the first step toward becoming SDAC III Investors.

This year’s SDAC III Quarter Finalists are:

  • Advocat Technologies
  • AivoCode
  • Aries Bioscience, Inc.
  • Armonica Technologies, Inc.
  • BodyFly Fitness
  • Canvass Labs
  • Capienda Biotech
  • ChargeNet Stations
  • CommSafe AI
  • Digital Proteomics LLC
  • Eyedaptic
  • Fixing CO2
  • Fluid Power AI Inc
  • GameTree
  • Hempress Hygienics by Austin Lane Co.
  • Luna Diagnostic
  • Maxable
  • Nostalgia Coffee Roasters
  • OmniSync Incorporated
  • OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc.
  • Primordial Genetics Inc.
  • TealHeal
  • Temprian Therapeutics Inc.
  • TigoHealth
  • Uplyft
  • Verity Packaging, Inc.
  • Yatiri Bio

The SDAC III Investors will continue this selection process by spending a week of further consideration of the top 30 companies before voting to choose 12 Semi Finalists. Janet Carson, a returning SDAC Investor shared the following, “As I go through the companies, I can see which ones are too early to invest in or just right for our investment thesis, we have some great companies. What I find exciting is seeing how these companies are going to change the world, impact the world. For the investment into the fund, you have more power, benefit is increased, risk is decreased, and you have people to help you in the due diligence. It’s a win-win for the investor and the entrepreneur at SDAC.”

Ty Smith, a U.S. Navy Veteran, CEO of CommSafe AI, and SDAC III Quarter Finalist said, “SDAC is one of the most exciting funding opportunities for entrepreneurs in Southern CA, so when I learned that CommSafe AI had been chosen as one of only 30 companies to advance to the quarterfinals, I could hardly contain myself.” Companies will continue to compete until March 20, 2021, when the top 6 companies, having completed the due diligence process, will pitch for at the finale for an investment estimated to be $200,000.*

SDAC’s combination of entrepreneurial education, up to $1.5 million in investments to winning companies, and its low angel fund investment threshold of about $6,000, has made it one of the largest angel investor programs in the country.

*Actual investment depends on the number of units purchased by participating investors. SDAC I and II had over $1,000,000 of direct investment.


Media Contact:

Amy Duncan, SDAC III Fund Manager

858 254 7009

Mysty Rusk, SDAC Founder

916 612 7590