People in the U.S. are going hungry while food is rotting. The coronavirus has upended the U.S. food supply chain, making this a good time for companies like Agtools. “We are starting to receive more inquiries,” said Martha Montoya, CEO of Agtools. It is a SaaS¬†food and agricultural supply chain platform, offering real-time intelligence for farmers and buyers to help them manage market volatility, increase profitability, and reduce the world’s food waste. The company has raised $710,000, including $200,000 from the Second Annual San Diego Angel Conference, announced on March 28, 2020. The pandemic is bringing the food supply chain front and center, and making Agtools more relevant than ever before. As a result, the sales cycle is shortening. Yet, VCs are focused on existing investments, which requires extra work to show the relevance of her solution.¬†

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