Mysty Rusk joins Silva Mah on the She Invests Podcast! We’re honored to share their insights with our audience.


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  • 00:45 – Dr. Silvia Mah introduces today’s guest, Mysty Rusk who speaks to her background in investing
  • 08:05 – The San Diego Angel Conference and challenges of building networks during the Covid-19 crisis
  • 13:28 – Mysty breaks down the different types of funds including an angel event fund
  • 21:18 – How start-up entrepreneurs are curating Covid-19 response plans
  • 23:56 – Mysty explains the investment term doubling down
  • 29:02 – How has risk mitigation strategies have changed due to Covid-19
  • 35:31 – Mysty speaks to her professional experience on why angel investors do what they do
  • 42:42 – Strategies for how best to use funds and communicate financial projections to angel investors
  • 44:12 – Mentorship programs for new angel investors
  • 45:45 – How virtual online pitches differ from in-person pitches
  • 49:11 – Dr. Silvia thanks Mysty for joining the show