Hello SDAC III Investors,

We had a great night voting and discussing the companies. It was a tough decision, but we have a great group contributing to collective wisdom. Here they are: 

  1. Advocat Technologies – Pradnya Desh
  2. ChargeNet Stations – Tosh Dutt
  3. Digital Proteomics LLC – Natalie Castellana
  4. Hempress Hygienics – Marilyn Austin
  5. Fluid Power AI Inc – Jose Gomez
  6. UpLyft – Craig Misrach
  7. Verity Packaging, Inc. – Kerri Leslie

Congratulatios to them all. Now we’ll form teams and begin due dilligence to determine funding and the winner for the big event on March 20.

Amy Duncan –¬†Fund Manager, SDAC III