SAN DIEGO, May 11, 2020 – Just months after the San Diego Angel Conference main event, organizers have already started planning for the 2021 conference by naming Amy Duncan as Fund Manager.

The Fund Manager of the San Diego Angel Conference is responsible for overseeing the Investor Track process, negotiating deals with finalists, and deploying investment dollars from a fund which has routinely raised around $500,000 each of the past two years.

“SDAC provides a unique learn-by-doing approach to get started in angel investing. The bootcamp series and opportunity to lead a due diligence team not only broadened my knowledge but also expanded my network and community,” Amy Duncan, 2021 Fund Manager, said. “I am thrilled to continue working with SDAC as Fund Manager and look forward to helping drive growth in the San Diego startup community.”

In the second year of the conference, over 100 companies submitted profiles to be considered for a $200,000 investment from the fund. The fund itself is composed of accredited investors using the process to either learn more about angel investing or grow their portfolio at a cost of $6,000 for their first unit. 

“We are excited to have Amy Duncan as the 2021 San Diego Angel Conference fund manager,” Mysty Rusk, Conference Founder and Brink SBDC Director, said. “Amy’s understanding of life sciences companies and marketing expertise are a welcome addition to our growing body of knowledge. Amy participated at the end of SDAC I, and was an active co-fund manager during SDAC II, where she also led a due diligence team. She helped this year’s SDAC investors break down complicated presentations and draw out critical information for investors to consider. I appreciate her ability as a servant leader and am looking forward to seeing her lead next year’s fund.”

Those interested in seeing who secures an investment of $200,000* should save the date for next year’s main event on March 27, 2021. Entrepreneurs can prepare and refine their pitch through the Entrepreneurs Track in the fall before applying for an investment. More information on the workshop series will be posted at as it becomes available.

*Actual amount depends on the total number of investors and amount in the fund.


About the San Diego Angel Conference

The San Diego Angel Conference aims to elevate the San Diego innovation ecosystem by connecting angel investors and fundable entrepreneurs. It was inspired by two misconceptions in the region. First, angels say there are not enough good deals in San Diego. Secondly, entrepreneurs say there aren’t enough investors writing checks. The conference is working to improve both of these issues, not just through the conference event itself, but through a series of workshops leading up to the main event. Those workshops focus on educating and mentoring both the entrepreneurs and angels. The San Diego Angel Conference and workshop series is open to the public for any member of the community interested in learning more about starting a company or investing in a new business. For more info, visit and connect with us on ​Twitter​, ​LinkedIn, Facebook​, and ​Instagram.

San Diego Angel Conference Contact: Mysty Rusk,, +1.619.260.4657