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Application Deadline for entrepreneurs is December 15, 2022

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Save the Date

The SDAC V Finale is in May, 2023

It’s not too early to get your tickets! Applicants and investors each receive a ticket to the finale (distributed separately).

View examples of pitches from the previous conferences here:

First Round (3-minute pitches) / Semifinalist (10-minute pitches)Sample 1-minute pitches



Events for Entrepreneurs

The e-track is FREE and available virtually. You’re invited to join us, wherever you are in the world! 

Dates for SDAC V 

9/28/22 Self Assessment | Is Your Company Fundable
10/4 Your Growth & Funding Track
10/11 Customer Discovery
10/18 Pitching | Deck Dev & Storytelling
10/25 Risk | Use of Funds
11/1 Market Opportunity | Business Model
11/8 Product Market Fit
11/15 Pitch Decon
11/29 Competition | Exit
Show Me the Money | Developing Strong & Realistic Financials
12/14 Pitch Decon | Holiday Mixer
1/3/23 Valuation | Deal Structure
1/10 Investor Relations
1/17 Pitch Decon
1/24 Due Diligence
1/31 Application Deadline | Celebration
?? Speed Pitch for Finalists




Previous information:

9/8/21 E-Track Kickoff | Deck Dev & Storytelling

Materials | Video


9/15 Use of Funds

Materials | Video


9/22 Market Opportunity | Business Model

Materials | Video 


9/29 Customer Discovery, Product Market Fit & Competition

Materials | Video 


October 2021


10/6 Pitch Decon*


10/13 Financials

Materials | Video 


10/20 Valuation | Deal Structure

Materials | Video 


10/27 Pitch Decon*


November 2021


11/3 Investor Development | Forecasting

Materials | Video 


11/10 Presentation | Deck Design

Materials | Video 


11/17 Funding Alternatives

Materials | Video 


December 2021


12/1 Pitch Decon*


12/8 Preparing for Due Diligence

Materials | Video 


12/15 Application Deadline | Celebration


January 2022


1/26-27 3-Minute Pitches

Invitation Only


February 2022


2/3 Speed Pitch for Semi Finalists

Invitation Only


2/9-10 10-Minute Pitches

Invitation Only


2/24 Due Diligence Company Dinner

Invitation Only


March 2022


3/24 SDAC Finale

Applicant Tickets Distributed Separately

Events for Investors

Unless otherwise noted, all Investor events are by invitation only. If you are an accredited investor and would like to participate, please complete the Investor Form, or reach out to Mysty Rusk or anyone on the Fund Management Team. 

2/7/23 I-Track Kickoff
2/15 Company Discussions
2/21 R1 Selections (Quarterfinalists 24-30)
2/28-3/1 3-Minute Pitches
3/7 R2 Selections (Semifinalists 12-15)
3/14-15 10-Minute Pitches
3/21 R3 Selections (Finalists 6) | DD Teams
3/28 DD Kickoff
4/4 DD Company Dinner
4/11 DD
4/18 DD
4/25 DD
5/2 DD
5/8 DD Reports Due
5/9 Investment Recommendations
5/11 VIP Reception
5/12 SDAC Finale
5/18 Last day to put investor checks in the mail
5/22 Last day for wire transfers
5/26 Fund Distribution


*Pitch Deconstruction Disclaimer:  We do not publicly share the Pitch Deconstruction recordings. Pitch Decon’s are sacred. Founders need a safe place to practice and learn. If you pitch at a Pitch Decon and you want to review your own recording, send us an email at and we’ll get it to you.