There are rules that govern who can be an angel investor. The SDAC works with SEC accredited investors. To find out if you qualify, please review the SEC requirements.

Information on this website is limited. Signal Rock Capital is managing the back-end of the fund on behalf of the Limited Liability Corporation (LLC). Founder, Will Fowler, is the primary contact for investor information. The cost to participate of accredited investors is $6,000/unit.

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There are two ways to participate:

Active Fund

SDAC Active Fund investors participate over 12 weeks, review the applications, participate in the selection and education process, and vote during each round to select the deals that advance to the finale. The cost is expected to be $6,000 ($5,000 unit + $500 fees and $500 admin costs) and have a limit of 4 units per investor. See the Investor Process for more information.

SDAC Active Fund investors participate in a learn-by-doing activity. They have opportunities to participate at all levels of the selection process and have access to all the companies applying and opportunities to build their own investor network with other investors participating in the process.

Finalist Fund

SDAC Finalists Fund investors take a passive role in the selection process, and invest equally across the six finalists selected by the investors in the active fund. The cost is expected to be $5,500 ($5,000 unit + $500 fees and admin costs) with no limit to the number of units per investor. SDAC Finalists Fund investors have a much smaller time commitment in the process, but also have limited interaction with entrepreneurs, investors, and limited control in the selection process.

All units are pooled, and investors become part of an LLC that makes the investments.

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